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Elance Amazon Web Services Test
Answers for IT & Programmers

1. What type of distribution is available for CloudFront?
• Torrent
Download and streaming
• Streaming
• Download
2. It's possible to bill for applications that are built in, or run on top of, Amazon
Web Services, using:
• CloudHSM
• Amazon Fulfillment
• OpsWork
Amazon DevPay
3. This service can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time,
from anywhere on the web:
• Storage Gateway
• Amazon Fulfillment
Simple Storage Service (S3)
• CloudHSM
4. What is AWS IAM?
AWS Identity and Access Management.
• AWS Independent Access Manager.
• AWS Identify Alternative Mechanism.
• AWS's security console.
5. It is possible to create custom OS images in EC2.
• False
6. AWS Free Tier is wide enough to get acquainted with almost all services.
• False
7. What is an RDS?
• Recreational Database Service
• Recumbent Database Service
Relational Database Service
• Residential Database Service
8. What method is used to send emails with SES?
• Only using SMTP
Both SMTP and API
• Only using Web Console
• Only using API
9. What type of Route53 alias could be set?
All of these
• Another Route53 record set
• S3 site endpoint
• Elastic Load Balancer
10. What is an example of a security group used by Amazon RDS?
• CT3 security group.
EC2 security group.
• MP3 security group.
• PHP security group.
11. What does AWS use for content delivery?
Amazon CloudFront.
• Amazon DeliveryPoint.
• Amazon ContentFront.
• Amazon Service Front
12. What two interfaces does Amazon S3 use?
• SOAP and Java interfaces.
REST and SOAP interfaces.
• SOAP and RAST interfaces.
• SOAP and Ruby interfaces.
13. What is Amazon EMR responsible for?
• Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to shrink data
Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to process
large amounts via a Hadoop framework.
• Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to read large
• Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to build large
14. AWS provides consolidated billing, allowing one account to pay for
multiple services:
• False
• True, but only for up to three services
True, for any number of services
• True, but only for high volume ($500+ per month) accounts
15. What data format must an HTTP request to DynamoDB be made in?
• JavaScript
• Java
16. If you wanted to delete a subnet or a gateway, what would you use?
AWS Management Console.
• AWS Network Console.
• AWS Virtual Console.
• AWS Cloud Console.
17. What part of AWS handles their DNS?
• Amazon Cloud Services.
Amazon Route 53.
• Amazon Route 44.
• Amazon Route 66.
18. What is the software prerequisites for using AWS at the command line?
• OS X, Windows XP, or Solaris.
• Solaris, Windows 98, MacOS.
• Windows XP, or Vista
Linux, OS X, or Unix
19. AWS provides a scalable, distributed in-memory cache service called:
• Redshift
• DynamoDB
• CloudHSM
20. When in a "Stopped" state, an EC2 instance is billed:
• At the full rate for the instance
For instance storage only
• At half the rate of a Running instance of the same type
21. With help of _______ you can restrict network access to EC2 instances.
• Elastic Load Balancer
• Elastic IP
Security Groups
• Placement Groups

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